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Web Component

RE would not be complete without a fully integrated web component. Viewers will be able to learn more about any particular segment, review the instructions they see on screen, and find out where to obtain materials by visiting the RE website.

During segments and interstitials, viewers will be encouraged to visit the program’s website for more detailed information, links to any of the services and suppliers mentioned in a particular program, and to offer suggestions for future segments. Website information will be graphically supered during segments as well, particularly when information relevant to the task at hand is available online. Viewer questions and requests will be an important source of ideas for the program going forward, and will help us insure that the topics presented mesh with viewer needs and wants. Eventually, streaming links to selected segments will be made available on the site.

The website also provides additional opportunities for monetization of our content. A RE Store can be incorporated on the site as a one-stop destination to obtain supplies, tools, and materials that are mentioned on the show, or needed for projects that are presented. Advertising can be included on the site as well. Each streaming link can include a brief pre-roll advertisement as well as co-located graphic ads and links.

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